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Saxophone construction and pronunciation principles

28/12/2023 10:26:14

The saxophone can be mainly divided into four parts: the body, the neck, the mouthpiece, and the reed. In addition, it also needs accessories such as bands, caps, and neckbands.

The body of the saxophone is a resonating chamber in which columns of air vibrate to produce sound. real dolls   The saxophone body is conical, the diameter of the horn is larger than that of other woodwind instruments, and the volume is relatively high. There are multiple sound holes of different sizes on the tube body and a complex key system [3] (based on the Boehm key system). 21 to 23 buttons control the closing or opening of a series of pads through a rod (rod), and at the same time change the effective length of the tube body (the distance from the mouthpiece to the nearest opened hole, all holes are closed) The entire length of the tube), the effective length of the tube controls the wavelength of the sound wave, thus producing different pitches. It is easy to imagine that the tightness of the cover is very important for the pitch. There are two small openings controlled by octaves on the tube body (one of which may be on the neck tube). When opened, it can interfere with fundamental frequency sound waves to create high-frequency sounds.
Some saxophones are equipped with a low A, and the bell end is longer, with an extra sound hole and an extra button for operation.
A typical saxophone body is made of brass, with a leather cover and tactile mother-of-pearl keys. Flache Brust Sexpuppen   There is often an additional coating on the outside of the tube to prevent the brass from oxidizing and affecting the appearance (but it has almost no effect on the tone). The most common saxophones are plated with gold acrylic varnish, but there are also silver, silver nickel, gold or colored lacquer layers. There is some debate as to whether plating changes the tone. In addition, the pipe body is often carved to make it more beautiful. Other pipe body materials used for mass production include silver, phosphor bronze, bronze, plastic, wood, etc.
The neck tube connects the mouthpiece and the tube body, and is generally detachable from the tube body. Anime Sexpuppen   There are also saxophones in which the neck tube and the tube body are integrally formed, which is common in soprano and super soprano saxophones. There is a small opening for octave control on the neck of the alto and tenor saxophone, which is operated by the buttons on the tube body through a lever. The end of the neck tube connected to the mouthpiece is covered with cork, and the mouthpiece is firmly attached to the neck tube.
The mouthpiece (mouthpiece) is a vibrator, and the reed fixed on it is stimulated by the air flow blown by the player to vibrate and transmit it to the pipe body. Cosplay Sexpuppen   The saxophone mouthpiece uses a single reed like the clarinet but has a larger inner cavity. Mouthpieces are generally made of vulcanized hard rubber or brass, but can also be made of plastic, silver, stainless steel, ceramic, wood or other synthetic materials. The length of the mouthpiece, the shape of the inner cavity, the size of the opening (the angle between the end and the reed) and the material will have a great impact on the tone. Generally speaking, mouthpieces made of metal and with a flat inner cavity have a brighter tone, which is common in popular jazz. (Smooth jazz); made of rubber, the mouthpiece has a rounded inner cavity and has a softer tone. It is common in classical music. In recent years, there has been controversy over whether the mouthpiece material will change the tone.
The reed (reed) is the component that actually converts the player's breath into air vibrations. It is generally made of Arundo donax. Lebensgroße Sexpuppen   Different reeds are used for different sizes of mouthpieces. The softness and hardness of the reed are the key parameters.  


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