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knowledge yoga

25/01/2024 07:16:56

Yoga is a system that helps humans realize their full potential by enhancing consciousness. Yoga postures use ancient and easy-to-master techniques to improve people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a way of exercise that achieves the harmony and unity of body, mind and spirit.  The ancient Indians believed that man can be one with heaven, and they integrated different yoga practices into their daily lives to pursue it unswervingly: morality, selfless movements, stable minds, religious responsibilities, meditation, and the nature and creation of the universe.  

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. There is a theory that yoga originated in the Vedic period and influenced Buddhism. In 300 BC, the great yoga sage Patañjali collected all the oral classics into the "Yoga Sutra" (an important theoretical classic of yoga), which gave Indian yoga a basis. Yoga practice is officially formulated as an eight-branch system. Patanjali was a saint who made great contributions to yoga.  TPE Sexpuppe  "Yoga Sutra" brings together all the theories and knowledge of yoga to form a complete theoretical system and practical system. In this work, he elaborates on the definition of yoga, the content of yoga, the changes that yoga brings to the internal body, etc. Before Patanjali, yoga had been practiced for a long time, but no one gave a systematic explanation of yoga. Patanjali created a complete yoga system. Therefore Patanjali is revered as the ancestor of yoga. Strictly speaking, yoga is a general term for physical and mental exercise. Just like the Chinese talk about returning to the origin, guidance, etc., yoga is also a general term for physical and mental training in India. For a period of time, people who practiced various physical and mental practices, regardless of sect, were respected as Yogi (Yogini for women).
There are many religious and philosophical sects in ancient India, but there are three works that are respected by most Indians as classics. Liebespuppen   One is the "Upanishad", the second is the "Bhagavad Gita", and the third is "Ayurveda". The "Yoga Sutra" collects all classics. Integrate the eight limbs of yoga. Brahmanism in ancient India advocated the theory of "the unity of Brahman and self". Due to the popularity of Hinduism and the influence of Shankara, another famous yoga patriarch who was also the founder of Hinduism, these three books were also followed by most of the later yogis. For classics. Yoga is a physical and mental practice. On the surface, it seems to have nothing to do with religion. It can also be said that it is used by any religion in ancient India. Its highest purpose is to realize all possibilities for human beings, from the unity of spirit (ego) and nature (Brahma, the greater self, the highest consciousness) (i.e., "the unity of Brahman and self"), all the way to becoming a Buddha, becoming an immortal, or other The highest goal mentioned by the sect,  yoga is one of the recognized ways. Anime Sexpuppe  

Hatha Yoga

Tree Pose Vrksasana
(Sanskrit: ????? Hathayoga). The word "Ha (Sanskrit: ?)" means the sun, and "Da (Sanskrit: ?)" means the moon. Focus on learning breathing and physical exercises. Kleine Sexpuppen   Modern Hatha Yoga is summarized as the practice of asanas, so all schools that emphasize physical exercise through asanas can be summarized in Hatha Yoga.


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Merci pour cette information. J'ai récemment eu l'honneur d'expérimenter ce site (  et je n'ai pas té déçue. 


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